Foundations and endowments move away from benchmarks

Institutions are lowering the number of benchmarks they use as a means to reach their investment goals

Ben Shapiro 4 hours ago

Thematic ETFs: Tough market with few winners

Among approximately 110 thematic vehicles available, only a handful have managed to gain significant assets

Yun Li 4 hours ago

Q&A with Jamie Stanton of University of Montana Foundation

Stanton discussed with FER the endowment’s investment plan and its approach with manager selection

Joe Dallegro 4 hours ago

The case for factor-based investing

The focus on outcome-based investing could be a quantum step forward in constructing portfolios

Matthew Peron and Jordan Dekhayser 4 hours ago

Packard Foundation learning new tricks with help from investment platform

The $7bn fund’s director of investment operations discusses the software that makes life easier for his staff

Ben Shapiro 21 July, 2017

Poor returns haunting hedge funds

Asset owners have abandoned their search for the few overachievers, opting instead to shift allocations to lower-cost, more liquid alternatives

Michael Paterakis 21 July, 2017

Active management isn’t dead — far from it

The market has reached a point of equilibrium and institutional investors still place significant value on active management, writes NEPC’s Kristin Reynolds

Kristin Reynolds 21 July, 2017

Dwindling public markets leave investors with fewer choices

The remaining public companies are larger, older, and consequently slower-growing

Michael Paterakis 17 July, 2017

Investment managers slow to create ESG policies

Only 43% of managers surveyed by Makena Capital have formal ESG guidelines in place

Ben Shapiro 11 July, 2017

Foundations and endowments not practicing what they preach

Fifty percent of institutions responding to a survey said they have changed their asset allocation over the past two years

Ben Shapiro 3 July, 2017

Arnerich Massena’s new era

An inside look into the investment consultant’s changing of the guard

Michael Paterakis 23 June, 2017

FI ESG briefing: Availability of offerings fails to meet demand

Fund Intelligence hosted a panel of four industry experts to discuss the latest developments and challenges in ESG investing

Ben Shapiro 23 June, 2017

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