University of Georgia foundation hires first CIO

Surpassing $1bn in liquid assets prompted the foundation’s board to re-evaluate its leadership structure

Nebraska invests $130m in PE, real estate

The $23bn system is now two-thirds of the way through its 2018 pacing plan for private equity

California university foundation seeks consultant

The $15.3m fund’s incumbent consultant is invited to rebid

California university foundation seeks consultant

The $15.3m fund’s incumbent consultant is invited to rebid

News roundup: University of Michigan ordered to disclose CIO pay

FER’s weekly news roundup

Northern Trust bolsters nonprofit advisory team

Its new regional director was poached from Goldman Sachs

E&Fs optimistic about the market, not keen on bitcoin: NEPC

Despite being bullish about the market, only 5% of respondents said they want to invest more in domestic equity

Investure’s greatest strength is now its biggest weakness

Long valued for its stability, the Charlottesville, Virginia firm is being left behind by clients who want more customized investment services

F&Es see investing as an extension of their mission

Several institutions considered thought leaders in the nonprofit space have pledged to commit large shares of their endowments to mission-aligned investing

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Gain of between 5% and 10%
Gain of up to 5%
Decline of up to 5%
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Educational endowments and sustainable investing

A number of educational institutions in the past few years have established or implemented responsible investment policies, writes Lisa Woll of US SIF.

Consultant spotlight: Commodities — an unloved asset class

As commodity markets stabilize, investors should look past recent returns and eye a rebound in the asset class, writes Thomas Garrett of Verus Investments

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