Educational endowments and sustainable investing

A number of educational institutions in the past few years have established or implemented responsible investment policies, writes Lisa Woll of US SIF.

Lisa Woll 2 February, 2018

Consultant spotlight: Commodities — an unloved asset class

As commodity markets stabilize, investors should look past recent returns and eye a rebound in the asset class, writes Thomas Garrett of Verus Investments

Thomas Garrett 3 January, 2018

Active management isn’t dead — far from it

The market has reached a point of equilibrium and institutional investors still place significant value on active management, writes NEPC’s Kristin Reynolds

Kristin Reynolds 21 July, 2017

Japan Attracts Institutional Flows: AM CheatSheet

While investors are scratching their heads, wondering where they should place their bets next, perhaps they need to look to the Far East.

Amrita Sareen-Tak 1 March, 2017

AM CheatSheet: Alt Facts, Bad; Alt Data For Asset Managers, Good?

The citing of “alternative facts” by the Trump administration might be galling to the press and to Trump detractors, but in the investments world “alternative data” are in high demand…

Michael Paterakis 15 February, 2017

Trump’s Immigration Ban and Its Stock Effect: Am CheatSheet

While President Trump’s executive order on immigration had airports (and citizens world over!) in uproar this past weekend, its potential impact may extend beyond the moral and legal questions it…

Amrita Sareen-Tak 1 February, 2017

Hedge Funds Remain Ugly: AM CheatSheet

Hedge funds cannot seem to shake off the bad rap–but perhaps they deserve it.

Violet Baron 18 January, 2017

Castro Has Passed; Long Live Raul: AM CheatSheet

The death of Cuban revolutionary and strongman Fidel Castro on Friday signaled the end of a long and isolationist era for the island nation… or maybe not.

Violet Baron 29 November, 2016

Farewell To The TPP: AM CheatSheet

Often alluded to during his campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump has doubled down on his promise to do away with President Barack Obama’s carefully crafted Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Violet Baron 22 November, 2016

Weekend Reading: AM CheatSheet

Some weekend reading to catch up on, including articles on Theranos, deficits and Canadians.

Levi Davis 18 November, 2016

Terrified Tree Huggers: AM CheatSheet

Trees huggers across America probably feel sick with anticipation.

Amrita Sareen-Tak 17 November, 2016

Pop Economics: AM CheatSheet

Well, folks, it happened. The Donald went home with the presidency, and the finance world is still scratching its head about what this will mean for the global economy.

Violet Baron 15 November, 2016

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