Alaska Permanent allocates nearly $2bn in capital

The $62bn fund also discussed the possibility of internal management at its December meeting

Ben Shapiro 13 December, 2017

News roundup: Last-minute amendment to Senate tax bill could help roughly 40 colleges

A few dozen private college endowments could dodge a bullet with the sweeping tax bill approved by the Senate after

Staff Writer 12 December, 2017

Goldman Sachs plans ESG ETF

New offering to invest in large-cap companies that engage in ‘just business behavior’

Yun Li 12 December, 2017

Wyoming board terminates equity manager

The $19.2n fund intends to use the capital to fund its recently created MLP class

Ben Shapiro 12 December, 2017

North Dakota selects small-cap international equity manager

The $4.1bn fund upped its target allocation to the asset class in August

Ben Shapiro 11 December, 2017

University of Michigan pumps additional funds into private markets

The $11.2bn fund also evaluated alternative and absolute return commitments as it looks to make follow-up investments with existing managers

Rheaa Rao 11 December, 2017

Wisconsin Alumni Foundation searching for back-office head

The opening is a new position at the $2.83bn fund

Ben Shapiro 11 December, 2017

Iowa Board of Regents terminates three fixed-income managers

The liquidations were part of its June asset class adjustments

Ben Shapiro 8 December, 2017

Investors anticipate more volatility, rise in active management in 2018: Natixis

Volatility is one of the reasons that a large portion of survey participants expect a shift toward active management next year

Rheaa Rao 5 December, 2017

North Dakota land board selects new commissioner

The $4.1bn fund also intends to put forth a finalist for its small-cap international equity search at its December 6 meeting

Ben Shapiro 1 December, 2017

Oklahoma Tobacco to consider MLPs

The $1.1bn fund also initiated a search for an auditor

Ben Shapiro 30 November, 2017

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