ESG Demand Not As High As Touted

Advisers have around 8% allocated to ESG across portfolios.

Dervedia Thomas 19 January, 2017

SSGA Plots Capital Markets Boost

New hires, education and a focus on enhancing the trading and execution process a priority.

Dervedia Thomas 17 January, 2017

USAA’s DC Effort Kicks Into High Gear In The New Year

The firm hopes to leverage its brand to build its DC assets under management.

Max Viscio 17 January, 2017

T. Rowe Eyes Growth Amid Industry Shift To Passive

The firm is beefing up sales efforts and stressing active and passive can live together.

Dervedia Thomas 9 January, 2017

DC World In 2017: DOL, Tax Reform And Lawsuits

There’s more to 2017 than just the fiduciary rule.

Max Viscio 6 January, 2017

Metals, Energy Get Trump Boost

President-elect Donald Trump’s policies are expected to boost infrastructure related commodities and precious metals.

Dervedia Thomas 6 January, 2017

CEF Outlook: Regulatory Uncertainty Keeps IPOs Dormant

Expect to see few initial public offerings until there is regulatory certainty around the fiduciary rule.

Mike Schnitzel 5 January, 2017

Emerging Markets Poised To Outperform In 2017

Emerging markets are likely to remain robust next year despite a strong dollar and rising uncertainty.

Dervedia Thomas 5 January, 2017

Low-Vol Alts Mooted After In-Demand Year

Providers are mooting alternatives to smart-beta exchange-traded funds focusing on low-volatility equities.

Nick Jardine 5 January, 2017

2017 Could See End Of FSOC Hammer

A preview of what’s to come concerning regulatory issues.

Stan Wilson 4 January, 2017

Big Data, DOL Driving 2017 Marketing And Distribution

Asset managers get serious about data, DOL rule prompts new approach.

Dervedia Thomas 4 January, 2017

ETF Preview: The Fee Battle To Come To Smart-Beta

As prices continue to drop, alternatively-weighted offerings may feel the squeeze.

Nick Jardine 4 January, 2017

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