AllianzGI bets big on dynamic TDFs

Funds de-risk in response to changing market conditions

Noah Zuss 22 January, 2018

Oppenheimer eyes smart-beta ESG, bond ETFs

New hires will support product development as ETF lineup expands

Julie Mansmann 22 January, 2018

SSGA gets personal with brand push

After year of evocative ad campaigns, the firm will zero in on everyday life

Julie Mansmann 16 January, 2018

Q&A: Ariel sticks to good old-fashioned sales  

Mellody Hobson, president, shared her firm’s strategy with FA.  

Dervedia Thomas 16 January, 2018

JPMorgan eyes ETF growth

Firm to expand Portfolio Insights program to strengthen adviser relationships

Julie Mansmann 8 January, 2018

Competition ramps up for index providers as ETFs self index

Firms weigh low-cost proprietary indices against third-party brand value

Yun Li 8 January, 2018

Tech, new social media to evolve marketing

Industry pros say firms need to create visual, personalized ads, thought leadership campaigns suited for mobile apps

Julie Mansmann 3 January, 2018

HSAs touted as 2018 growth opportunity

With assets in HSAs skyrocketing, fund firms are looking to roll out new offerings, boost education

Noah Zuss 3 January, 2018

Funds to score regulatory wins before midterms

Funds expect a lighter regulatory burden

Stan Wilson 3 January, 2018
Senate panel discusses fintech regulation

ETFs continue to shatter records

2017’s haul is almost double last year’s intake of $288bn

Yun Li 3 January, 2018

Franklin Templeton eyes bond ETFs, RIA push

The View From The Top: Franklin Templeton’s Pierre Caramazza talks ETF strategy

Yun Li 18 December, 2017

Recordkeeper profile: Mutual of Omaha

Recordkeeper investing in programming, fiduciary services

Noah Zuss 18 December, 2017

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