ETF boards need to apply Gartenberg differently

Advisory fee deliberations should consider external distribution, unitary fees and operational differences from mutual funds

Amy Doberman, WilmerHale 22 May, 2017

Preparing for a consolidated fund industry

What fund boards need to consider in times of heightened M&A activity

Marissa Capodanno 17 May, 2017

Common ownership: Industry, economists clash over antitrust theory

A new take on an old antitrust concept says funds with stakes in several firms within one industry are tanking the economy

Marissa Capodanno 21 April, 2017

Blockchain: Unlocking lower fund fees

Distributed ledger technology may disrupt mutual fund distribution – to the benefit of shareholders

Marissa Capodanno 23 March, 2017

Defining fund governance across jurisdictions and structures

A spotlight on the US fund director’s role in context of global governance standards

William J Kelly 22 March, 2017

The future of investment management regulation

Director role likely to grow as SEC shifts toward principles-based approach

Jay G. Baris 10 February, 2017

Moving On: Boardroom challenges when a fund just isn’t working

Unsteady reg, market terrain impacts board decisions to merge or liquidate a fund

Marissa Capodanno 25 January, 2017

2017 Preview: Board priorities get an overhaul

Politics, the DoL rule and the future of the fund industry supplant liquidity and derivatives at the top of directors’ list of concerns

Marissa Capodanno 19 December, 2016

Oversight of cyber security

Where the fund board’s mandate diverges from that of corporate boards

Fund Directions 9 December, 2016

Auditor independence: What boards are doing now

The initial scramble has given way to implementation following questions over mutual funds’ interpretation of the Loan Rule

Marissa Capodanno 15 November, 2016

Post-election focus turns to regulatory outlook

Incoming president’s SEC chair appointment will shape next four years for fund boards

Marissa Capodanno 10 November, 2016

Regulator rethinks board’s liquidity role

Finalized rule addresses industry concerns, backpedals on board responsibilities

Marissa Capodanno 19 October, 2016

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