DIM focuses on oversight of valuation, affiliated transactions

Blass, Peirce address concerns director initiative shifts CCOs into regulator’s crosshairs

Marissa Capodanno 26 March, 2018

Donohue: It’s time to review the board’s role — again

We all have a responsibility to help make DIM’s new director initiative successful

Andrew "Buddy" Donohue 28 February, 2018

Next steps: Liquidity rule delay shakes up compliance plans

SEC delays Rule 22e-4’s bucketing requirement by six months, as fund management and boards work toward implementation

Marissa Capodanno 23 February, 2018

SEC to take stab at fiduciary rule

Boards may see further shift in distribution oversight responsibilities

Marissa Capodanno 26 January, 2018

Retirement wave shifts succession planning into high gear

Directors at Goldman Sachs Funds, Columbia Funds detail their boards’ strategies for overcoming the surge of directors hitting retirement age, term limits

Marissa Capodanno 18 December, 2017

Closed call: The vote to convert to a closed-end fund

Inside Highland’s decision to close-end one of its funds

Marissa Capodanno 20 November, 2017

Soft Dollars: Mifid II implications for stateside fund boards

US mutual fund boards examine soft dollar policies amid EU reg’s unbundling requirement

Marissa Capodanno 23 October, 2017
Research commissions, Mifid II unbundling

D&O insurance: More than a security blanket for directors

Low liability risk does not equal zero liability risk

Fund Directions 2 October, 2017
Mutual fund directors

Stocking a mutual fund’s liquidity toolbox

Liquidity rule oversight turns attention to operations

Marissa Capodanno 24 August, 2017

Active managers test fulcrum fees to level playing field

Structure allows investors to pay active-level fees only when fund beats benchmark

Peter Finnerty 20 July, 2017
Fulcrum fees, mutual fund fee pressure

Closet index funds: a fund director’s guide

Macro industry changes have boards asking just how active their actively managed funds are

Marissa Capodanno 19 July, 2017
Closet index funds, mutual fund governance

Small shops turn fresh eyes to series trusts

Increasing costs and competition are pushing small, established mutual funds to reorganize as series trusts

Marissa Capodanno 13 June, 2017

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