Tech CEO, ICI’s Burns eye AI use cases

Early discussions can help bridge broker-dealer, adviser gap

Mariah Brown 21 May, 2018

The regulation goes into effect May 25

Jason Bisnoff 12:00 PM ET

Fund services provider tests distributed ledger tech with clients

Mariah Brown 15 May, 2018

Fund services provider tests distributed ledger tech with clients

Mariah Brown 15 May, 2018

In-house infrastructure can’t keep up with pace of ops and tech ecosystem

Emily Sakamoto 15 May, 2018

Firm plans to phase in modifications by Q3 2019

Mariah Brown 14 May, 2018

Vendor Forum

How are relationships between fund firms and third-party vendors changing in light of the industry’s increasingly steep regulatory landscape?

Emily Sakamoto 21 May, 2018

Data brings together tech, compliance teams

Industry anticipates cooperation, but true comingling has yet to emerge

Emily Sakamoto 16 May, 2018

Q&A: New Calvert COO prioritizes IT and data management

Firm brainstorms platform upgrades for data intake, hiring push on Anne Richardson’s watch

Mariah Brown 3 May, 2018

Taxes are more than a once-a-year concern for mutual funds

Wendy Wang 14 May, 2018

Complexity, reporting and regulations fatigue drive some funds to cloud-based tech

Vikas Srivastava 18 May, 2018

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