Caution: Costly Tech Ahead

Fund complexes are taking a closer look at pricing models for new technology as they try to weigh costs versus value before making investments

Danielle Kane 6 January, 2017

The Fiduciary Rule’s BICE: An Uphill Battle

Under the BICE, documentation and proof of compliance is critical, but will require major overhauls from operations all the way to distribution

Danielle Kane 22 December, 2016

FO & FD Webinar: Oversight Meets Operations

Webinar with Gregory Rowland, partner at Davis Polk & Wardwell

Danielle Kane 9 December, 2016

Tracking Trends for 2017

As the fund industry moves into the last month of 2016, execs discuss what’s on their agendas as they move into the new year

Danielle Kane 22 November, 2016

Bridging The Gap: Clients and Ops

Why operations teams are taking on client-oriented responsibilities in order to build a relationship between the back-office and the end-investor

Danielle Kane 22 November, 2016

Millennials and Cyber Security: Playing Defense

How to express to the incoming ops generation that cyber threats are real

Danielle Kane 31 October, 2016

Operational Accountability

The SEC is digging deeper into organizations as they determine enforcement actions, causing operations professionals to pay closer attention to their processes and policies

Danielle Kane 25 October, 2016

Brace For Impact

Following the SEC’s release of it finalized modernization rules, operations teams will soon be testing and implementing new processes

Danielle Kane 24 October, 2016

Squeezing The Operational Budget

Mutual fund companies are consistently looking to cut costs as expenses increase, but some say outsourcing everything isn’t the answer

Danielle Kane 3 October, 2016

Chain Reaction

How can asset managers benefit from the introduction of blockchain and the opportunities it may present in their sector?

Danielle Kane 30 September, 2016

Sound Off: Latest on industry trends, issues directly from the execs

Fund Operations attended the 2016 NICSA General Membership Meeting and RIMES Client Conference, both in September, to hear the latest on industry trends and issues directly from the execs

Danielle Kane 30 September, 2016

Move to T+2 settlement cycle delayed: Now what?

After the SEC missed its self-imposed action date to start working on a move to T+2, industry practitioners try to navigate an opaque landscape

Danielle Kane 6 September, 2016

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