Firms consider NLP usage, purpose

Natural language processing is making use of the explosion of big data that once consumed, and confused, fund managers.

Emily Sakamoto 8 February, 2017

Failure to launch

Lack of automation is leaving many mutual fund firms open to risk, affecting not only operational processes but profit.

Emily Sakamoto 7 February, 2017

Investors spearhead transparency, compliance push

This time, it’s not the regulators.

Emily Sakamoto 1 February, 2017

RegTech Rising

RegTech Rising April marks the implementation of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary rule, which will usher in a period of heavy regulatory and compliance changes.

Emily Sakamoto 12 January, 2017

Gone Phishing

Around the holidays and start of the New Year, phishing attacks on fund management firms tend to spike. Some firms continue to fall behind against these targeted attacks.

Emily Sakamoto 5 January, 2017

Back to the future (of tech)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once the laughing stock of Silicon Valley. It has since reinvented itself, and now many asset managers and technology vendors in the financial services sector believe AI and machine learning solutions may become the future of trading.

Emily Sakamoto 21 November, 2016

Young, restless investors

The millennial generation is demanding mobile, easily accessible investment platforms, and their demands are not only being met, but shaping the face of the sector.

Emily Sakamoto 4 November, 2016

Digitization: The Opportunity for Asset Managers Facing Increased Pressure

The complex, technology-fueled environment facing today’s business landscape has not spared the asset management industry, says Jennifer Hanes, head of Investment Management & Operations, Buy Side Solutions, FIS

Jennifer Hanes 25 October, 2016

Unified systems are better

Brian Robinson, chief sales executive at Vidrio, says that streamlined and combined products provide tangible benefits.

Brian Robinson 25 October, 2016

Key to the Highway

Steve Grob, Director at Fidessa, discusses the changing face of high and low touch execution.

Steve Grob 24 October, 2016

Creating efficiencies with Blockchain

Blockchain could create efficiencies for financial markets, says Craig Donohue, OCC executive chairman and CEO

Craig Donohue 24 October, 2016

IT systems can make, or break, a M&A

Global M&A deals have been plagued with withdrawals so far in 2016, with technology integration issues often a major stumbling block, especially for asset management firms.

Emily Sakamoto 14 October, 2016

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