Tech boosting shift to passive

Industry’s passive trends push fund allocation models in systematic direction

Emily Sakamoto 13 October, 2017

Q&A: Nigel Faulkner, CTO, T. Rowe Price

Mixed portfolio needs present case for building some tech internally, buying others

Emily Sakamoto 11 October, 2017

EU’s GDPR affects US firms’ infrastructure

Data requirements introduce new compliance, regtech opportunities

Emily Sakamoto 11 October, 2017

Planning ahead

The SEC proposed a business continuity and succession planning rule last fall for RIAs. Funds have only a minimal guidance from regulators, but see a benefit in forging ahead with similar compliance

Emily Sakamoto 15 September, 2017

Funds eye vendor consolidation

With heightened cybersecurity concerns alongside an increase in general outsourcing, mutual fund firms are looking for vendors with the full package

Emily Sakamoto 13 September, 2017

Q&A: George Marootian

Marootian is the chief technology officer at Natixis Global Asset Management

Emily Sakamoto 13 September, 2017

Symphony orchestrates ‘App Store’ of fintech

Communications platform scales integration and compliance efforts

Emily Sakamoto 18 August, 2017

SEC takes a stab at blockchain

Regulatory attention underscores security concerns following Ethereum hacks

Emily Sakamoto 17 August, 2017

The Female Fintech Future

Women leaders seek change in a male-dominant industry

Emily Sakamoto 15 August, 2017

Investors with a conscience

Investment management is changing as younger generations push for socially responsible investments, digital transformations

Emily Sakamoto 6 July, 2017

Advisers turn to content management systems ahead of final DOL deadline

Full compliance with the fiduciary rule means overhauling data management systems to provide auditable best interest

Emily Sakamoto 5 July, 2017

Bats ETF chief talks new tools, flash crash efforts

Bats has reported winning 40% of new listings this year

Dervidia Thomas 23 June, 2017

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