Nebraska invests $130m in PE, real estate

The $23bn system is now two-thirds of the way through its 2018 pacing plan for private equity

Dietrich Knauth 5:14 PM ET

The $8bn system had previously used a 10% absolute return benchmark for both private equity and infrastructure

Dietrich Knauth 4:30 PM ET

Wednesday’s financial news roundup

Staff Writer 21 March, 2018

Wednesday’s financial news roundup

Staff Writer 21 March, 2018

The new strategy is similar to the firm’s $3.3bn U.S.-focused fund

Noah Zuss 21 March, 2018

SDCERA’s portfolio also got a good review in its consultant’s periodic asset liability study

Dietrich Knauth 21 March, 2018

Podcast of MMR’s March 12 issue

Listen to the Money Management Report team bottom-line the top stories from the March 12 issue

Editorial Staff 9 March, 2018

Institutional investors unfazed by impending private equity bump

While those in the PE industry are excited for its future prospects, retirement systems nationwide are keeping with protocol and taking a long-term approach

Ben Shapiro 9 March, 2018

Turmoil in LACERS’ board

The $17bn fund’s recently-retired general manager accused some board members of making “disrespectful” and “mean-spirited” remarks that hinder LACERS’ ability to retain investment staff and consultants

Dietrich Knauth 9 March, 2018

The sell-off in early February suggests a major correction is due in equity markets, writes NEPC’s Timothy McCusker

Timothy McCusker 23 February, 2018

Investment Consultant Jeffrey Snyder discusses the four key retirement savings plan trends to watch in 2018

Jeffrey Snyder 2 January, 2018

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