News roundup: Hedge fund managers prepare huge tax checks

Thursday’s financial news roundup

Staff Writer 20 mins ago

Fresno County abandons consultant search

The California plan is also set to choose a small-cap equity manager in August

Ben Shapiro 25 mins ago

Illinois state board eliminates hedge fund asset class

After terminating 65 hedge fund managers, ISBI wil reallocate the remaining top performers to the specific asset classes they invest in

Dietrich Knauth 30 mins ago

Texas County makes opportunistic credit commitment

The $26bn fund allocated $200m to the strategy as it looks to expand its alternatives portfolio

Rheaa Rao 46 mins ago

San Fran plan adds another manager to hedge-fund roster

The $100m commitment represents the fourth direct hedge-fund investment from the $22bn plan

Jasmin Leitner 5 hours ago

CalPERS grapples with its inconsistent reputation on private equity

Staff and consultants say the $323bn fund is losing investment opportunities with potential partners who see it as a difficult and unpredictable investor

Dietrich Knauth 19 July, 2017

Atlanta fund puts mid-cap equity manager on probation

The manager lowered its fees this year

Rheaa Rao 19 July, 2017

MassPRIM given authorization to oversee MBTA Retirement Fund

The transit authority still must decide if it wants to join the $62.7bn state fund

Ben Shapiro 19 July, 2017

Hedge fund director leaves NY State Common

Tyson Pratcher had been involved in New York pension investing for over 12 years

Miluska Berrospi 19 July, 2017

News round: Goldman’s bond trading takes another hit

Tuesday’s financial news roundup

Staff Writer 18 July, 2017

San Diego fund terminates equity manager, makes three RE allocations

GMO, the $7bn fund’s non-U.S. equity manager since 2002, was terminated for underperformance

Rheaa Rao 18 July, 2017

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