Nearly $1.5bn a day is flowing into mainly passive funds run by the giant asset manager, according to the Financial Times. BlackRock is the world’s biggest provider of ETFs after snapping up iShares from Barclays in the wake of the financial crisis.

The Federal Reserve remains perplexed about the lack of inflation, but data expected this week and even in the next couple of months is unlikely to provide a reliable picture, CNBC reported.

Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research finds that working households’ 401(k) balances increased from 2013 to last year, but still fall short of providing for an adequate retirement, 401k Specialist wrote.

The quits rate, or the share of employed people who voluntarily leave their jobs in a month, has held nearly steady for two years after slowly climbing after the recession ended in mid-2009, the Wall Street Journal reported.That could suggest that years of steady hiring and labor shortages reported in several industries have not yet made workers feel as if they’re likely to find something better if they leave their current jobs.