Those who wait

If patience is a virtue, those in the exchange-traded fund industry are approaching sainthood

Peter Rawlings 13 July, 2018

Dead and going

Recent challenging regulations are dying, but compliance teams still face a difficult road ahead

Peter Rawlings 28 June, 2018

Seeing beyond

CCOs need to keep one eye abroad

Peter Rawlings 6 June, 2018

Pay-to-play today

Another round of elections is already almost here, and with it a renewed warning for compliance officers

Peter Rawlings 22 May, 2018

The fiduciary rule is dead, long live the fiduciary rule

As the DOL fades, the SEC comes out with a new proposal

Peter Rawlings 8 May, 2018

Fiduciary toothpaste

The DOL's rule was struck down, but will firms change their practices?

Peter Rawlings 23 March, 2018


Regulators seem content to bide their time as firms try to address cryptocurrency concerns

Peter Rawlings 14 March, 2018

No free pass

SEC examiners' retail focus doesn't mean CCOs of all stripes shouldn't be on guard

Peter Rawlings 22 February, 2018

Ten years of tinkering and tailoring

Repeating warnings from regulators about off-the-shelf compliance

Peter Rawlings 7 February, 2018

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