17 Nov 2016
Fund Directions and Fund Operations Webinar: Oversight Meets Operations: A Match Made In Heaven

Fund boards are increasingly forging close ties with their operations teams, as the two collaborate to tackle one of the most demanding regulatory agendas the investment management space has faced in recent years.  Gregory Rowland, partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell, will walk webinar participants through these critical issues from both a board and operational perspective:

  • In what ways do some of the pending regulatory initiatives of the current presidential administration — including liquidity risk management, derivatives, distributions in guise and business continuity — require board-ops cooperation?
  • Boards are deepening their cyber savvy, requesting constant feedback from their fund adviser on information security and protocol. What’s a reasonable scope and level of detail ops and compliance should go into with their fund boards? What is the best way to present these details? How can both sides best prepare?
  • On issues other than cyber security, what are best practices for reporting information? Are operations expected to use dashboards to condense data? Transparent communication is key, but board packets are increasingly large — what do trustees really need?
  • How can boards and operations teams develop a solid relationship so that any issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner, for example, in the case of fund litigation, an exam or enforcement action?
  • What should board-ops meeting dialogue look like? Are operations personnel getting more face-time with trustees now than in the past? What are some best practices? When is it too much?