09 Apr 2020
Fund Intelligence Virtual Symposium: Shared best practice on WFH and business continuity plans in action
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The Fund Intelligence Virtual Symposium is a new weekly webinar series designed to tackle the most pressing topics facing the asset management industry emerging out of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Fund Intelligence will be hosting a range of industry experts to delve into the key issues facing the sector and provide practical insights for navigating these uncertain times.

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These free to attend sessions will ensure you and your teams are kept up-to-date with how your peers, clients and vendors are handling the current landscape with practical advice on mitigating business risks and seizing market opportunities.

All sessions will be interactive with Q&As with our expert panels throughout.

Shared best practice on WFH and business continuity plans in action
Thursday, April 9
12:00pm ET/ 9:00 PT
We’ll explore key themes including:

* How have teams been settling into the work from home environment? What has been working and where are there stresses and strains to be managed?

* How are you ensuring business continuity of various functions such as striking daily NAVs, shareholder servicing, IT and data security, technology and other infrastructure support?

* Are you seeing an uptick in cyberattacks? How have you been dealing with the increased risk of bad actors attempting to take advantage of the current situation?

* What percentage of staff are still being required on site for various tasks and how have you been managing this workload?

* What are the big questions you have been asking of your various vendors and service partners?

* Have they stepped up to the plate or are there any concerns over service levels/expectations?

* How are you handling trading requirements? Are PMs and other front office staff working from home and if so how is that working out?

* Do you have any contingency plans ready to be put into place in the event that large numbers of staff get ill and cannot work?

* Have you asked any vendors to step in to support any functions given the potential strain on resources?

* What is your current internal assumptions for how long WFH policies will be in place in the US?

* Have you introduced more flexible hours policies now that schools are closing? How are you looking to keep up staff morale?

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