20 Nov 2019
Breakfast Briefing: Getting your sales and distribution strategy right when it comes to alts

Join us on Wednesday, November 20 at the Lambs Club, New York for our breakfast briefing.

The morning event will feature a panel-led discussion and informal networking opportunities with other industry professionals.

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Getting your sales and distribution strategy right when it comes to alts

Discussion points will include:

  • With traditional asset managers increasingly moving into the alts space, or beefing up their presence, what are the top considerations when it comes to sales and marketing strategy?
  • Should you be looking to run separate siloed teams focused on distributing your alts offerings, or training and educating existing teams on the strategies to sell alongside mainstream offerings?
  • How much is the appetite for various alternative investment strategies increasing with a range of investor types given the uncertain economic outlook?
  • What are key distributors looking for and in which kind of structures? Tips and advice for getting your alts offerings noticed by gatekeepers at big distribution firms.
  • The pros and cons of running a separate alternatives brand versus consistent messaging across the fund complex.
  • From a product development perspective, where should the focus be depending on asset class? Interval funds, alternative mutual funds, alternative ETFs, SMAs, private funds?


08:15 Registration and networking breakfast
08:55 Introductory welcome – Fund Intelligence Managing Editor Paul McMillan
 Panel discussion
09:45 Audience questions
10:00 Close

Confirmed speakers:

Nancy Fahmy, Head of Alternative Investments and Specialty Asset Management, Bank of America

Shane Clifford, Senior Managing Director, Alternative Strategies, Franklin Templeton Investments

Bill Stout, Head of Alternative Investments Business Development, Nuveen 

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