28 Jan 2020
Breakfast Briefing: How RIA CIOs are building out their investment capabilities

Join us on Tuesday, January 28 at the Lambs Club, New York for our first breakfast briefing of 2020.

The morning event will feature a panel-led discussion and informal networking opportunities with other industry professionals. The topics and discussion points will be announced shortly.

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How RIA CIOs are building out their investment capabilities

Discussion points will include:

  • With RIA investment offices increasingly acting like institutions as they scale, how are manager selection, due diligence and asset allocation processes evolving?
  • What are the areas where large RIAs want to build out proprietary investment capabilities, and where are they more likely to outsource?
  • With an uncertain market outlook, how are RIAs thinking about asset allocation, and how should you be adapting your approach to match?
  • The centralization of investment decision making, model usage, and views on third party models built with proprietary funds.
  • Client interest in ESG, and what it will take for RIA investment offices to allocate more to sustainable options.
  • Demand for alternatives and other diversifiers, how RIAs are building out access for clients, and opportunities for asset managers to assist.
  • Red flags: what gets managers dropped, or stops them from getting over the finish line?
  • How will RIAs be approaching nontransparent ETFs?



Joseph Dursi, Chief Investment Officer, Dynasty Partners

Shannon Saccocia, Chief Investment Officer, Wealth Management and Trust, Boston Private 

Megan Horneman, Director of Portfolio Strategy, Verdence Capital Advisors 


08:15 Registration and networking breakfast
08:55 Introductory welcome – Fund Intelligence Managing Editor Paul McMillan
 Panel discussion
09:45 Audience questions
10:00 Close