iShares folds sector multi-factor, narrow ETF bets

A comparable Hancock sector suite has roughly seven times the assets

Julie Mansmann 18 June, 2018

Which firms took advantage of incentive may become clear in settlement orders

Marissa Capodanno 18 June, 2018

Fund priced lower than Vanguard’s VNQ, uses its former benchmark

Julie Mansmann 18 June, 2018

Fund priced lower than Vanguard’s VNQ, uses its former benchmark

Julie Mansmann 18 June, 2018

Today’s fund news roundup

Fund Action 18 June, 2018

Jack Boyce joins the fixed income and alts boutique; his former employer had a high-profile alts platform, an analyst said

Dervedia Thomas and Noah Zuss 17 June, 2018

PGIM Investments eyes ETF build-out

Firm explores multi-factor and ESG product development, proprietary models

Julie Mansmann 18 June, 2018

BMO sees target-risk opportunities

Asset manager says sponsors need options for ‘do-it-with-me’ participants

Noah Zuss 18 June, 2018

Boards factor ETFs into mutual fund fee determinations

15(c) experts debate comparing mutual fund, ETF performance and fees

Marissa Capodanno 12 June, 2018

Investors looked to active styles for their mixed-asset and municipal bond fund exposure

Tom Roseen 17 June, 2018

PGIM Investments’ execs talk ETFs, BMO sees target-risk opportunities, highlights from the Morningstar Investment Conference

Dervedia Thomas 18 June, 2018

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